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Monday, June 20, 2011

Grand Tetons / Yellowstone / Virginia City, MT

Two nights in the snow in Yellowstone for our Texans had them chilled and thrilled.  We covered the history of the Park Service, resource and natural uses in the world and the U.S., and different adaptations of technology and practices from the Sheepeater band of Shoshone to the Gunpowder Empires of the Islamic World.

Dr. Bremer discusses mountain men with student Jordan who read and then presented material on her book about the lives of various trappers.

Our group with the grand Tetons of Wyoming/Idaho in the background.

Isn`t this a better back-drop for a class than a chalk board?

Student Allie had great fun in the snow...

... making a Dr. Bremer snowman.  Yes, that is a hat, not hair on top.

The Porcelain Basin of geothermal pools and springs with the mountains of Yellowston in the back.

Dr. Dormady's tent dug in on the side of the tent pad.  

Views like this helped convince Congress to set Yellowstone aside as a national park.

Virginia City, 2 hours north of Yellowstone, is the former territorial capital of Montana.  Stores, vigilante history, African American history, women in the west... and good ice cream - Virginia City was a hit with both professors and students.

Street scene in Virginia City.

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